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Stacy Ferguson
I pierced my eyebrow for a day with a safety pin when I was 13

Any jersey knit with a body or arms drooling out the window or tripping
falling over walk, peeking down a franchise hope's gay parade, sick
throwing up on sixth still passing fish with foundation not passing but
holding off, tricked, waiting for a time to catch a beat when the hook
comes in full fist. Each takes credit, I reach rewards flight to Miami Beach
stressing entrance through touch, I've rehearsed a timeshare once:
VPL and surface piercing all clawed a corner in the round. A pass
around bottom for ideas cuz they want me plush, hot, medium pile.
The mind is a grave but is the rectum a muscle? No one answering -
divination waits, an immiment comeback of the bootleg jean.