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A fat beagle waddling with stitches.
Her human detracting my smile

assuming it's pity, but I smile
at all fat dogs.

Buying a hot dog to break a 20.
Throwing out the bun.

Eating a banana in public and making
eye contact with every man in sight.

I'm not too proud, I'm not too anything.
It's hot and I'm thankful someone else
_____is sweating by.

Playing spot-a-name and forgetting who it was
I came to find. Sitting in circles, drinking

with friends who don't drink and comparing
the voices on our meditation apps. Forgetting

luxury is anything I don't need, that
maintenance is a catch all, is Scotch tape

bundled with fur and holding up
the leg of this couch. The false

resignation of a living room without television.
I try to stay distanced from reinvention

but any empath could tell you, I'm sensitive -
responsive, observant, diplomatic, intuitive.

The word address but pronounced add
ress, saying it in syllables.

The word tuft flipping hair
but also making a hill.