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A schedule called skip stop, police investigation or

falling into track, I forgot.
Bros discuss sushi entrees, ringtone startups
and meetings across the river -
actually pretty solid
Born to party forced to work,
periwinkle sweatshirt, wrinkled face, clean white hands
Maybe a fear of heights or drowning Plans are the making, and proper clench of alien hands A long sleeved shirt or sweater on a hot day: a hooded skin of steel frump
Noise cancellation makes more paranoid, more self-aware, less unseen

Sit open and often ripped,

dark entries: two earbuds between friends on frizz of hair and flip of phone

Two differences wear same color: last year's turquoise this year's aqua or teal -

neither talking about rooftop gardens as we pass

Neighboring or friending or proximate, all clinical language to procure distance to admit I'm so afraid of being cells

Commitment to calling this platform land, or even public -

think better in a ditch

Rubbing against with tight friction the promise to stay, to clean up, the urge to sniff each other, but
Returning glance could mark the passage of dropped trash: receipt or gum wrapper telling

Fell in love with a drone, he's a stray. Tracking blocks but broken wing impels.

What a drone wants, what a drone needs

Sharing details of new data plans with friends.

Pink ribbon on his jersey: he's a good guy